Monday, September 16, 2013


When we officially withdrew Rookie for homeschooling, we were put into a different program in the school district for his speech therapy. We are still eligible to receive the therapy but it is a bit different. We have to divide our time with the others needing therapy AND we get less of it. The great thing is that it is STILL one-on-one. But, instead of going every week, we go twice a month. I honestly don't mind since it has to be after hours. We have a new speech therapist and she has been wonderful already. She is using sign language with him which has always been an easy way to connect with him. He had a lot of fun at his first session and asked to get a picture with her when we left. (just look at him posing with her!) We still had a small tantrum afterwards, but she was quick to want to figure out why and NIP IT and we did make some progress with it. So nice to have someone truly active in his development through the schools!

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