Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homeschooling Perks!

I knew this week was going to be another packed week. My work schedule has not diminished yet and I knew I was still reorganizing our homeschooling life to accommodate my kids being older and more involved. I was still ironing out the details of it all. However, we dove right in with our letter "B" Monday morning. That is when the kinks began. We had installed new bookshelves over the weekend to transfer some supplies downstairs and in my haste to organize that part of our house I had neglected to make copies of some of our letter B activities. I ran upstairs to do that quickly and the printer was out of black ink. Really?? Perfect. We finished up what we could without those activities and then I decided it was time for an outing. We picked up the ink cartridges and ran a couple of errands. The kids love errands so it was more of a challenge to get them home over getting them to leave the house! Once home, it was lunch time and nap time, so I decided to pick back up after nap. Ladybug had been acting very clingy all day and after nap seemed a bit warm so we just chucked "school" out the window, made some homemade play dough that Ace had been begging me for, and just hung out with each other the rest of the day. Tuesday everyone seemed to be fine and they went to MDO while Rookie and I accomplished his school and INP at home. Fairly productive day. It is now Wednesday and the mass of laundry that has built up became my focus today. So, it looks like we are going to continue letter "B" next week as well! We desperately need to take a trip to the farm tomorrow, so that will take up our day. Friday maybe be the last chance to do any of our planned activities which is why I decided next week can be Letter B too! THAT is the perk of homeschooling! Now, keep in mind that THIS mommy DOES take every opportunity to continue "schooling", so if topics come up we talk about them but there is no "curriculum" involved :) So, stay tuned for more Letter B

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