Monday, September 30, 2013

Robbins Academy - Letter B (continued)


Rookie - 6 years
Ace - 4 years
Ladybug - 2 years

In reference to ages, all of my kids are "young" born in the months of May and July.

We took another week to tackle Letter B because life just happened and we didn't get much of a chance to really talk about it during the first week. Besides, 26 letters don't fill up a year with 52 weeks, so we are allowed to spread it out here and there. Our second week hit the ground running and we had a BLAST talking about Noah and the Ark, his animals (the bison, baboon, bald eagle, bear, and beaver) The NEW play animals were a big hit and grabbed to play with throughout the week. Ace was particularly excited when I pulled out all the BATMAN printables. We may have to do them again during S-week for Superhero.

 Kendall was right in on the action and I found ways for her to participate. I was really impressed with Rookie's attention to detail while coloring. This isn't his strong suit. In fact, none of my children are very careful with their coloring/painting. That is hard for this graphic momma to not want to make it look "prettier".

 New puzzles were a big hit finding this bug fishing puzzle and Ace's Batman number matching game.
 Sensory play is especially fun and the kids were so excited when I pulled out the beans "Find It" game. There is a basic playing board with pictures and then we cut up laminated matching pictures and hide them in the beans. They dig and have fun finding them. They also had fun hiding them again. Finally it was all out playing, pouring and exploring.
 We saved our science experiment for the end of the week. Talking about Noah and his boat that floats, this was the perfect time to talk about floating and NOT floating. We then talked about what would be good materials to build a boat. Ace decided a toy bison was not good for boat building. We gathered some toys around the house and then dropped them in to see if they would float. The kids would guess before hand and see if they were right. Once our bucket of items was done, the kids ran around finding other things to test. I let them just have fun with the water once the experiment was done.
Our week finished with the Tower of Babel. Ladybug thought it was funny to look through her rainbow blocks. Ace was my architect and Rookie was my demolition man.  I told the kids we would go swimming after school on our last day and so they hurried and got dressed before we started. Ladybug can't reach her swimsuits, but that didn't stop her. She grabbed Jace's trunks and wore those. She was mighty proud of herself.

Well, that wraps up B week. We had a lot of fun and though the kids aren't always excited when I say it is time for school, it only takes a matter of seconds for them to jump right in and have a lot of fun.

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