Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome Robbins Academy 2013

You might recall from a past post that I mentioned farming out our school pictures this year to a friend of mine? I just did not have the time to get everything together as well as the time to edit. It just really seemed like the best option. It was also pretty stress-free since I wasn't the one behind the camera AND the one trying to get the kids to act "natural". HA! I just dressed them, delivered them and then watched them behave so much better than when I am taking the pictures. Seriously? How does that even seem fair!?  Typical kids. Well, they turned out great and my friend Julizza from JHCapturingCreations is a great photographer, so I wasn't really expecting any less. Without further hesitation, I proudly present my wonderful crew!

Rookie (Kinder) - 6 years
Ace (Pre-K) - 4 years
Ladybug (Tot School) - 2 years


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