Monday, October 14, 2013

Robbins Academy - Letter C


Rookie - 6 years
Ace - 4 years
Ladybug - 2 years

In reference to ages, all of my kids are "young" born in the months of May and July.

 Letter C Week was a lot of fun and we are getting closer to finding a groove with our curriculum. It always takes a little while to find what works and what doesn't when you start something new. It is amazing how the plans I have change with each child. I THINK I know what they will enjoy doing and they always surprise me!

Jace couldn't help himself this week and was diving into the setup the night before as I was setting it up.  They really enjoyed have their "Cars" theme incorporated this week.

Ladybug really takes to a lot of preschool activities that the boys were really not ready for at her age. I still put out the tot school activities knowing that it at least grabs their attention and sometimes the boys like to do them even if Ladybug doesn't. Sometimes their interaction with them gets her attention too.

We made a table/blanket tent to go along with the story of Abraham and Lot and then a lot of our activites ended up being done inside or just outside the tent.

Ladybug really enjoyed finding the new puzzles on the shelf and would bring me different activities to do with her. We did a bit of q-tip painting this week which was a change up for the kids.

Our outside play was interrupted this week by a moving truck. Oh how we wish it had been OUR moving truck.

We had to get creative with our Abraham/Isaac story, but it definitely stuck in their heads the rest of the week as they continued to build alters out of their blocks.

I loved watching Rookie help Ladybug with her cat book by reading her the sentence at the bottom for her to figure out which color of yarn to glue down. Ace is definitely my creative child and will stick with an activity he WANTS to do for  good amount of time. I was really impressed with his Letter C Beans. The rest of our work is on the wall.

We will be having Rookie's LGS Evaluation the following week, so we will not be taking a break and starting Letter D the following week.

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