Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and the Fire Station

 We had a GREAT experience at the fire station with our homeschool group! The kids LOVED seeing all the fire trucks and Rookie did really well knowing that the bell could ring at any minute. He was always cautiously preparing himself. They all did a wonderful job listening and keeping their hands to themselves while walking around the truck. Ace was excited to be the first to sit in the driver seat. His face doesn't exactly show it, but I think he was a bit nervous and shy that he was in the spotlight. He grinned from ear to ear when he got down. Rookie and Ladybug didn't want to sit in the driver seat, but were really excited to hang out in the truck. We had quite a group that went!

On another note, Halloween was a big hit as always. We attend our church pumpkin patch and then stay home on Halloween to hand out candy. The kids put stickers on the candy as a way to reach out and touch kids with the word of God. We also TRY to hand out decent treats. We did opt for some chocolate this year as well as our mini popcorn bags. We even had kids remember that we gave this out from last year! A couple of them came by again for a second round. We indulged them even though we knew they were repeat customers.

Ace had quite the assembly line going. Rookie was quick to get his done. Ladybug was very impressive with her ability to peel and stick. Must be a girl thing. The kids loved hearing the doorbell ring and would race to answer it, hand out the treats and then run back to the family room to watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin.

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