Monday, November 25, 2013

Robbins Academy - Letter G


Rookie - 6 years
Ace - 4.5 years
Ladybug - 2 years

In reference to ages, all of my kids are "young", born in the months of May and July.

Welcome to Letter G! This week we talked about Moses and the 10 Egyptian plagues while turning water red and learning our memory verse: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." We also gave our "G" goldfish glittery yellow sand. Glitter is always a high point.

We had some new rhyming puzzles that Ladybug played with every day. Our Seek and Find "G" was a big hit as well. So much so that a turn of my head and Rookie got to spend quite a bit of time vacuuming up all the rice. We have a rule about our sensory bins, however sometimes we have a lapse in judgement. Luckily this lapse didn't happen until friday.

Q-tip painting was another fun activity, one that EVERYONE could do and make it their own.

Our little "g" craft was quite a sight when finished. We colored, painted and glued feathers on a goose. Rookie finished his Foundations 1 book as well! We BOTH were so excited. I will need to get his second book ready to go for next week. It will start out with some review (though we don't need it) and then transition into some harder material. I know he will catch on quickly. Ace really does a great job with his letters and I know that he is ready to do writing and reading, however he doesn't have much of a desire for it and so I am going slow with pushing it. I don't want to kill his joy so early. We have time.

The weather had not turned cold just yet, so we were still able to do quite a bit of playing outside. We did hit the park this week and had some chalk play outside as well. I don't think dot painting will ever go away. The kids love to use them. Ladybug loves to "color" with them and Ace enjoyed the challenge of a maze. He always asks for more. We also brought out a NEW to us toy. the gears. This was another toy that everyone could play with and explore.

Rookie enjoyed two days of speech this week aside from our school work and I really think I am seeing some progress. We only have one day next week because of the holiday, but hopefully our time at home will make up for it. 

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