Monday, November 18, 2013

Robbins Academy - Letter F


Rookie - 6 years
Ace - 4.5 years
Ladybug - 2 years

In reference to ages, all of my kids are "young" born in the months of May and July.

We had such a good time with Letter F! I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with the fact that there were firetrucks involved. HA! I really thought we were going to have to take two weeks to exhaust our love of them, alas, Sunday came and I decided to go ahead and move on. However, we had a FULL week of "F"UN! Our letter basket was full of F stuff. Sometimes I think the letter baskets focus on the same words, but this week the picture cards had all kinds of different objects. Our shelves had themes for Farm, Firetrucks, Football, Feelings, Frogs and Fruit! We also pulled out our LOTW "fish" spelling game. Once again, Sunday was full of discovery after nap and I didn't snap any pictures. However, the week still progressed with lots of other activities. 

 I picked a crazy hard craft that Ace and Ladybug were determined to do. I had to do a lot of the peeling and actually completed Ladybugs. Ace was a trooper and managed to stick every single square on his frog. I was impressed with his endurance. I let them do a lot of free water color painting this week which they enjoyed and as always, Rookie plugged away at his INP. He is almost finished with his first foundations book. I am really antsy to get him started on the next book. He seems to have made some pretty big leaps all of a sudden and I think he is ready for the next level. However, I have a hard time NOT finishing. I'm sure I am going to need to get over this hangup....eventually.

 We read lots of books together this week. I am hoping to make some more trips to the library to expand our book reading. We are stuck with a lot of young reading material. I broke down and purchased some more audio books for Rookie. I hated buying them, but they were only $1 each and I figured a handful of new stories would do us good. I guess they were brain work because he fell asleep a couple of times listening to them during quiet time.

Ladybug did a lot of dot painting this week. I was able to convince her to do some tot school as long as she could dot paint. She likes to color the pictures in with the dot markers after she dots the circles, so that left quite a few pictures drenched in paint.

The best part is sitting around the dinner table when Daddy asks them what they learned and to hear them sing the songs for him, or recite something you talked about. They are so excited to be able to perform for him even though sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get them to do it during the day with me. They love to show off what they know!

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Angi Schneider said...

goodness, you guys have been busy. I love reading the updates. I can´t believe how big Ladybug looks!