Monday, March 23, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets

This year we got a head start on the Bluebonnet pictures. Last year we were searching for the last of them to get Rylen's first pictures in this Texas tradition. This year, with the new baby coming, I didn't want to forget. So, we again were searching for bluebonnets, but this time it was because this was one of the first weekends they would be out. It was also a weekend that we were out driving and could pass the areas that they were most prominent. Aside from the patches on the interstate (that I didn't want to even try with a very fast 20 month old), we found, what we thought, was the only decent sized area of Bluebonnets that existed on the back roads coming from New Braunfels to Hemstead. So, we decided to turn around to utilize this "rare" find. As we slowed to turn around, there it was, a HUGE field of bluebonnets! We immediately pulled over and prepared for our annual pictures. It was a perfect field for Rylen to run in and be free as I clicked away. When we got back in the car and headed the rest of the way home. We realized that those two spots were the ONLY ones that we saw the whole 3 hour drive! So, our find was definitely wonderful and rare. I'm sure there will be many more places that will be available the rest of this Spring season, but my photos are done and one more thing to cross off the forever growing "to do" list.

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Danielle said...

There is a field up at Creekside Park this side of the Woodlands. It's just the right size for pictures! That's where we go with playgroup.