Monday, August 3, 2009

The dilema...

So, here it is. My son is sucking his fingers. There isn't anything horribly wrong with him doing this, it is just that I would rather he take to a pacifier. It is a bit less germy. But as you can see the pacifier had fallen out of his mouth and so he found the next best thing to get him back to sleep. The good thing is that once this happens and he is asleep again, they fall out of his mouth too AND he tends to only do this at nap time or at night, not while he is awake during the day.

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The Schneiders said...

That is exactly what Esther does. I've never had a "thumb sucker" and I really don't want one. So we're trying to be diligent about giving her the pacifier. Then again, it is really cute at this age.