Friday, August 3, 2012

INP Activity - Auditory Object Sequence

This is another auditory activity that we do that "improves the ability to process spoken language". As with ALL our auditory activities, the goal is to complete this one-minute activity four times a day. All four frequencies can not be closer than ten minutes to each other. This ALSO include the other three auditory activities that are in his program. Needless to say, I have 10 minute timers going off all day long! Rookie is pretty good at objects and pictures. The hardest part is comprehending his regurgitation of the word you gave. We are still working on articulation, so it takes hard listening on my part to make sure he is saying the three words that I gave him. Once again we are on a 3-word-span and after 4 weeks, Rookie is getting a lot of them right on the first try if not the second try. Very seldom do we have to repeat it a third time. So, this is a HUGE improvement from our first week in the program. Just to recap what we do: I give him three words randomly from a list one second a part from each other. He then repeats them back to me. Fairly simple, but not necessarily easy. Again, to consistently move up a digit or a word means a whole year of behavioral development. So, the progress we have seen in him is a HUGE accomplishment. This takes a lot of discipline on my part to make sure we are doing the activities throughout the day AND dedication plus determination on HIS part to try and get them right on the first try. 

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